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Tomeu Alcover

Tomeu Alcover is a young Spanish guitar player living in Sweden. He is known for his unique way of mixing many musical styles on the nylon strings guitar, creating an emotional experience for the audience. His music has been described as a mix of classical, jazz, flamenco and world music.

During more than ten years he has played his music around the world, as a solo guitarist, with a band, as a session musician, on radio and TV or even with a symphony orchestra.

Born in 1980 on the island Mallorca in the Mediterranean Sea. At a very early age he started to take lessons in piano and guitar. His teacher was one of the most important mediterranean guitar players: Damia Timoner. Influenced by his teacher, Tomeu soon started to write instrumental music for the guitar, mixing world music, new age and Mediterranean music.

…classical music

At the age of 18 Tomeu was accepted to the renowned music school Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears, where he got his bachelor degree. There he took lessons from some of the most important classical guitar players in the world; David Russell (Grammy awarded), Alex Garrobe, Carles Trepat, Iliana Matos, Gabriel Estarellas, M.Angel Aguilo and others.

He never saw himself as a classical guitar player because what he enjoyed most was playing his own music. But studying classical music was an excellent way to gain knowledge and develop his technique. During those years, the music that he wrote for the guitar was closer to composers like Villa-Lobos or Brower.

Despite his intention of not focusing his career on classical music, he has performed all around Spain as a classical guitar interpreter. One of the most important works is the recording of the music Spanish Fantasy by Miguel San Miguel, together with the Symphony Orquestra of Ibiza. This music was recorded to be used by the UNESCO for a TV commercial. Tomeu was also selected to perform this music around Spain.

…flamenco music

After getting his bachelor degree in classical guitar, Tomeu felt that he needed some new and different influences to add more expression and versatility to his music. He applied to one of the most important music schools in Spain: Conservatori del Liceu, in Barcelona.

After competing with candidates from all over the world, he was accepted. As teachers he had two of the most important flamenco guitar players of all time; Manuel Granados and David Leiva. Tomeu was fascinated by the flamenco music and soon he was selected by one of his teachers as second guitarist in his group, which was a perfect opportunity to play with a few international flamenco stars.

…rock music

At the same time as he was studying classical and flamenco music, Tomeu was always also playing the electric guitar with many different groups. With the group Flying Dog he got the chance to tour around the country. Their first album, called “so far…so fine”, released in 2005,was nominated one of the top 20 of the year by the magazine Rock Sound and they were also nominated upcoming band of the year.

After moving to Barcelona Tomeu had to leave Flying Dog and the band split up. But in Barcelona he got invited to play with the biggest metal band that has ever existed in the Latin world: Ktulu. Their first album “Confrontación” sold 300.000 copies and touring all the biggest festivals they became what no other band playing that aggressive and hard music had dreamed of in Spain.

…solo project

While he was studying flamenco in Barcelona, Tomeu wrote a new song that he felt was of the style and quality that he had always searched for with his instrumental guitar music. That’s why he named that song memories. He then decided to stop playing rock music and studying guitar, instead putting his focus on his new music and write songs exploring all his influences and resources.

He decided to move to Sweden where he started playing with other musicians to explore the best combination for his music. A music style that he always loved but never played himself is jazz. When he had the chance to mix his guitar with a jazz drummer and a double-bass player he found the perfect balance that he was searching for.

With this new formation Tomeu recorded a demo, which was sent to the Spanish producer Josep Umbria who has worked with music legends such as Donovan, Paco de Lucia and others. He offered Tomeu the chance to record his debut album in Spain in his studio Calma Estudis.

The musicians chosen for recording the album were the drummer Robert Ikiz and the double-bassist Kristian Lind. They are both jazz musicians that have played with famous artists such as Andreas Öberg, Henry Franklin, Ace Young, Nils LandgrenMagnus Lindgren and more.

In 2010 he signed with the booking agency & management Guitar World Productions and the album was released in spring of 2011 trough the editorial sons mediterranis . Right now Tomeu Alcover is, together with his band, sharing his music around the globe.